CBD Typing Test

CBD Typing Test


Cannabis CBD Test

THC detection method



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Rapid test for the distinction between legal CBD cannabis and cannabis containing a high value of illegal THC.

The rapid test that distinguishes cannabis products containing THC or CBD, the substance considered legal, is "safe, practical and reliable". This type of survey is supplied to the Swiss Cantonal Police and to the Swiss border guards. Useful for producers, merchants of raw materials, retailers and customers who can check the product offered or grown at any time.


Remove the clothespin, open the bag and introduce a pinch (a pinch) of suspicious material. Close the bag and gently tap it on a hard surface to make sure the sample ends at the bottom. Holding the printed part of the bag towards you, break the glass vials by squeezing them between thumb and forefinger. Gently shake the bag to mix the sample with the contents of the vials. Observe the color change and, after about 2 minutes, compare the color obtained with the colored boxes on the bag

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