Zeo Dental duo Activ toothpaste

Zeo Dental duo Activ toothpaste


Fights gingivitis and bad breath

Content: 100 ml



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Tooth and gum protection, rapid effect. The only toothpaste containing zeolite tri activated and talkative, subjected to a double activation and then made more performant thanks to the enhancement of the action “implosive, toroidal and bacteriostatic”.

Herbs and other contents therein:
o Camomile
o myrra
o Salvia
or zeolite talkative activated.

Exclusive formulation by Ecosfera.
Note: I put natural zeolite in toothpaste, since it has a strong power, cleaning, healing, fungicide, bactericidal, deodorant and anti-toxins.

Use only toothbrush with soft bristles
Less is used when compared to ordinary toothpaste.
For those who have serious problems with their gums, they should brush their teeth immediately after meals and keep the toothpaste in their mouth for a long time before rinsing, to allow the product to work better.

To avoid bad breath and bleeding gums, I recommend to always use ZEO DENTAL DUO ACTIV.
Prevention is better than cure! (Does not contain mint).

Other recommended methods of use:
✓ For a better breath, after eating foods containing garlic and after smoking cigars or cigarettes, take a half glass of water, put a teaspoon of toothpaste and stir vigorously. Use it as a mouthwash. (Do not ingest).
Take this mixture and put it in a spray bottle from the handbag.
Spray the mouth periodically with this mixture to improve the breath.

Considering the pleasant taste of the product it is not recommended to leave it at the free disposal of children under 6 years.
These tips do not exempt you from periodic and regular care at a trusted hygienist who takes good care of and advises his patient!

In the tubes of the common toothpastes, remains about 5 to 10% of product not usable while from the jar you extract everything without loss. Storage: about 1 year in the cupboard in its closed jar.
The jar can be marked with the user’s name in order to maintain the right hygienic separation.

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